[58] Sick & tired of the endless pressure to find your purpose? – R. Bloomfield (2/3)

What if the pursuit of your purpose gives you more stress than joy? Have you had enough of constantly fighting the system if you try to bring a new style of leadership? Can and should Europeans embrace the American culture of failing fast?

In the first part of my conversation with Rose Bloomfield, she shared about her own journey of discovering her purpose, filled with heart and soul-breaking love relationships, reality shows, dropping out of school and entire career identity. You will see how it translated into her podcast on the intersection of community, technology and ancient wisdom.

In this second part, we dig deeper into the mystery of pursuing one’s purpose without a risk of burnout: 

  • How to avoid the overwhelm on the path of discovering one’s purpose? 
  • What is the best language for this conversation so that individual empowerment can serve as a tool for transformation of large organisations? 
  • As a leader, pioneer, hero bringing a new culture of leadership – how do you know whether it is time to leave or continue pushing through?
  • What is missing when Europeans try to adopt the American attitude towards failure?

In the third part, Rose shares her experience of coaching TED speakers and whether world’s business leaders should be sharing more openly about their failure.

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