Only one thing is worse than going in the wrong direction. Going in the wrong direction enthusiastically.

my coach Alex Mandossian.

Whatever the challenge you’re facing now, up-level WHO you talk about that challenge with. Find the best of the best, your new tribe. Whose path do you trust enough, to have their questions guide you through this fog?

Reach out if you’re seeking a mentor to accompany you in your reflection (and action!) about:

  • Navigating careers in the European public service – if it’s for you and how to best prepare, or how to move it forward
  • Copywriting of your CV, cover letter and job applications for the most impactful story of your talents and passion
  • Tuning into your greater mission, without the overwhelming pressure of carving one’s life purpose into the stone
  • Unleashing your most authentic voice and passion project, even if you’re called the odd-one-out.

There is nothing more precious in life than time. Why waste it on doubts or ill-informed decisions? Especially when it comes to the choice of one’s career path or launch of projects of almost-life-and-death importance to you…

On a scale of 1-10, how inspired are you by how you showed up today?

Do you feel deep down that

  • there’s a new space to be explored to embrace your talent,
  • you are called to express your true authentic self,
  • you are done compromising on living your passion when you’re out there creating the impact that you came here to bring?
  • AND you could be more effective if supported by the right person?

Connect with me if you wish to walk this journey with somebody who’s been through it too.

I wouldn’t be where I am without the challenging, vulnerable and enlightening conversations with many wise men and women who I was lucky to meet on my journey (and determined to hear their advice, whatever it takes!). Now it’s time for me to pay it forward.

Our soul came here to connect, self-express and be of contribution to the world. It’s time to stop selling out on your soul and become who you came here to be.

paraphrasing my mentor Richard Barrett

My mentoring and coaching programs can provide you with a powerful everage to transform your MINDSET, ignite your SKILLSET and enrich your NETWORK – the three pillars of success built in alignment and flow.

Here’s my gift to support you in the domain of concrete skills: