• Type A overachievers feel physically and mentally depleted by what was supposed to be a career-boosting glamorous project, leaving them demotivated, stuck and eventually burned out.
  • Change makers are silenced in meetings only to regret later on not speaking up, feeling like they abandoned their voice and inner truth.
  • Mothers are angry for having to put their baby to daycare in order to get back to work and pay their bills, feeling disempowered in designing a life on their own terms.
  • Young professionals are confused in figuring out an impactful path that would honour their talents and passions, feeling sad while pursuing a track that the world around them portrays as best practice.
  • Women are told they can’t have it all, feeling frustrated when they have to choose to either speak up or get locked in a golden cage. It pays the bills but leaves them imprisoned, wasting their most precious resource: TIME.

Which of them do you recognise?
I was once all of them. Until I figured out my way out of the cage.

Today it may be YOUR TIME to (re)discover yourself and courageously step into the unknown of YOUR OWN hero(ine)’s journey.

  1. Break through the limitations of your thinking and energy (mis)management to build a new life beyond burnout
  2. Rediscover your passions and calling to ‘work’ and create with excitement and freedom
  3. Express your voice with authenticity and impact
  4. Design a life on your own terms with abundant energy, money and time to spend with your loved ones
  5. Lead by example in transforming your team and organisation through feminine leadership, flow and non-violent communication.

If you feel called to discuss how I can accompany you on your journey, book a 20-min exploratory conversation with me here:

What if there was a way of catalysing how you achieve your vision?

  • Master your energy management to be the most energised, productive and happy you’ve ever been, beyond burnout and stuckness of an energy-draining job;
  • Embrace your feminine qualities for the service of society and humanity – via authenticity, compassion & collaboration;
  • Navigate careers & projects for public impact – bringing a new culture of leadership to public administration and policy;
  • Unleash your authentic voice without a fear of failure, judgement or insufficient resources;
  • Improve Copywriting of your CV, cover letter and job applications for the most impactful story of your talents and passion.

On a scale of 1-10, how effortless & aligned do you feel in creating your impact?

Do you feel deep down that

  • there’s a new space to be explored to embrace your talent,
  • you are called to express your true authentic self,
  • you are done compromising on living your passion when you’re out there creating the impact that you came here to bring?
  • you realise that to continue serving, you need to start serving yourself first?
  • AND you could be more effective if supported by the right person?

My mentoring and coaching programs can provide you with a powerful leverage to transform your MINDSET, ignite your SKILLSET and enrich your FIELD – the three pillars of success built in alignment and flow.

Our soul came here to connect, self-express and be of contribution to the world. It’s time to stop selling out on your soul and become who you came here to be.

paraphrasing my mentor Richard Barrett

Ania, 45, UK: start-up & new career plan right after COVID got me fired

I was facing redundancy from my work. I approached Lucia because I had a lot of ideas going through my head about what I could do with my life in terms of career and business opportunities, but needed direction to see how to get there. Coaching was a really positive experience for me. Lucia is friendly and direct which worked well for me. I loved how she was focused on the goal for each session, questioning me to get me to think outside of my box, plan the steps to move forward and set tasks to perform before the next session. Each session felt really targeted and I achieved something from each one of them. I was able to test a possible business idea with my target market, identify the needs of the end users and barriers to procurement. The best part was that I was able to plan my career and how to achieve my business goals in the longer term.

Sofiia, 22, Ukraine: tuned into my well-being & feminine energy

We see things when we are ready and need them most. I am still exploring what is there for me on mental health, self esteem, self confidence, femininity, relationships… One day I saw Lucia’s post and took it as a sign. I loved the experience and definitely recommend trying it! Lucia’s special way of working was a perfect fit. I saw results already after two sessions. Very much ofc also depends on you, if you are ready to share, to go deep and be vulnerable… With me it worked miracles even though it was a stretch to touch some parts of life which were left for later. I am happy I dared and grateful to Lucia for helping me grow this newly-planted seed.

Fanny, 28, France: a safe place for growth

Our connection was just a coincidence via our Gentlewomen’s Club. Your coaching is very human, kind and empathic as well as concrete and professional. It’s a “safe place to grow”! It really helped me, especially in this pandemic situation. The result of the sessions? More confidence, a better understanding of myself and curiosity for the body-mind connection.

PS: If you’re one of the young professionals I mentioned above, here’s my gift for your journey of creating a job on your own terms: