Every job market is a Pandora’s box until you find the right keyset. Many keys are needed as you advance on your path to your dream career. I am here to support you with the 3 most important ones:

  1. [MINDEST] The clarity about what you want to stay true to your values
  2. [NETWORK] The mentors opening new horizons and strategies for exploring them
  3. [SKILLSET] The language to tune into the world of the tribe you wish to enter.

The 3rd one: language is what you need to get right so that ‘they’ GET YOU. And you get that dream interview:

  • How to stay authentic but avoid being ‘too much’?
  • How much detail and/or ‘fake-it-till-you-make-it’ creativity is desirable for your CV?
  • How to build a clear, fluid and powerful narrative in your cover letter?

Download this free checklist with secret tips & tricks for drafting an impactful CV and cover letter – it doesn’t matter if you apply for jobs in the world of European policy making, lobbying or social change – these are universal principles to jump a leap closer to your desired interview.

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