It’s a path of unlearning. Women must transform their relationship among themselves within their sisterhood. Only then can we reclaim our power and rewrite our future.

paraphrasing my coach & Landmark leader Vik Maraj.

Today, as the Era of the Feminine is overlapping with the Era of the Great Resignation… it is my greatest passion and honour to catalyse success of teams and businesses leading from a space of new culture. Let’s speak if you have courageously opened up to feminine leadership as your golden ticket to success – where flow and passion replace burnout and stuckness.

You’re not the only one feeling stuck if

  • as a CEO, you struggle to attract and retain the best women,
  • as HR and L&D lead, you’re left alone when trying to launch the conversation about and for “the women”,
  • as a team leader, you would love to lead a happy coherent team but she’s drifting away,
  • your clients want to feel you all energised and in flow,
  • your female job applicants doubt whether they would feel amazing, free and in tune with themselves,
  • the women on your team haven’t even started revealing all that’s brewing… and holding them back from maximum productivity,
  • and as YOURSELF, you feel there are feminine superpowers dormant within you, put aside while you focused on climbing that career ladder. Your body, relationships and work experience ask you to act.

If your company is an eagle

and the SKY is the limit…

Are you 100% sure

that it’s NOT flying

just with ONE wing?

I help conscious organisations unleash and convert feminine energy into flow & impact via:

  1. D&I consulting
  2. 1on1 coaching for women
  3. Group coaching & women circles
  4. Keynotes, facilitation & all-company workshops
  5. Community outreach & copywriting.  

If you feel called to check if we’re a good fit to embark on this journey, let’s book a 20min discovery conversation. I’m curious to hear where you’re at!

Andrea, European Commission, Brussels: mentoring for success in men-made world

“I was never quite sure how to use my female energy to succeed in the world ‘made my men for men’. Since Lucia accompanied me through major career shifts, I see how many of us can be happier and more productive with the mentoring of somebody who has been there too.

Ania, Growth Tap, UK: transmuting slow death by burnout into a team that’s full on

“As a small business owner, I always put my needs last, until I ended on a verge of burnout – and still limited growth. I loved the ease AND focus of each of our sessions. I was able to test new habits in a safe space and onboard my team for operating in a way that works and serves.

Valerie, Constellation Group, Madagascar: smart use of the feminine taboo

“Women empowerment is still a taboo over here. Together we figured out what a ‘feminine’ way of growing our business means practically in such a paternalistic space; with two thirds of our 70+ team being women.

Peter, PosAm, Slovakia: workshops & outreach to attract more female talent

“I appreciate how Lucia’s in tune with our male-dominated industry as well as the feminine movement. In this war for talent, her guidance is precious to transform our reputation among female applicants.”

If your team could do with the following OUTCOMES:

  1. Better results catalysed with balanced and authentic leadership 
  2. Emotionally intelligent conversations 
  3. Walking the talk of well-being & zero tolerance to burnout triggers
  4. Workplace culture that magnetises the best job candidates.