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If you also feel that the EU needs a different quality of conversations about its leadership, would you support me in publishing my first book on this subject?

This past year, as a founder and host of Lights on Europe, I have brought you weekly interviews with EU’s top leaders, policy makers and inspiring figures creating change in and around the so-called Brussels bubble.

Shining more light on the human story behind the story of Brussels is, in my view, an important ingredient towards higher trust to and ownership of the EU by its citizens. How much longer are we ready to wait as we are all shaken by the pandemics, Brexit or most recent developments in Belarus?

The book brings you the best of season 1 of Lights on Europe and exclusive bonus content about the values underpinning new culture leadership for Europe. Once you hold it in your hands, I promise you will be

  • humbled by the transformation stories of our guests,
  • inspired by their tips for a deeper inner work, and
  • challenged by the homework suggested for each leadership principle, so that you deepen your own exploration.

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