If you also feel that the EU needs a different quality of conversations about its leadership, you need this book in your hands.

—> It is the first ever book

  1. Based on 50 interviews with leaders working behind the scenes of the European institutions
  2. Demystifying the values guiding purposeful careers of EU leaders, from spiritual healing to entrepreneurial tactics and way beyond
  3. With homework guiding you if you’re also eager to step up your game and unleash your more authentic & impactful leadership style!

After years of shining light on the human story behind the story of Brussels, this is my contribution to empower emerging leaders committed to being the change they wish to see in Europe. How much more do you need to be shaken by the pandemics, Brexit or most recent developments in Belarus?

—> Get it for yourself and others around you who care about the future of Europe. Not the dabblers talking, but the leaders stepping up their game to be:

  • humbled by the transformation stories of other unicorns,
  • inspired by their tips for a deeper inner work, and
  • challenged by the homework suggested for each leadership principle, so that you deepen your own exploration.


  1.  Exclusive insights for converting changemakers dreams into MEANINGFUL JOBS or projects serving the EU
  2. Strategies for pursuing your professional calling without compromising your mental and physical HEALTH or your hobbies and childcare responsibilities 
  3. Hands-on EU CAREER MANAGEMENT tricks for job interviews, public speaking or mindfulness
  4. Special TIPS FOR WOMEN affected by the glass ceiling, harassment at workplace or domestic violence
  5. PERSONAL STORIES and well-being practices of leaders impacted e.g. by Brexit depression, the COVID-19 business crash, terrorism attacks, burnout, and other challenges.


  • STUDENTS OF EU AFFAIRS & International Relations: empower them to learn more about the backstage of the European Union institutions, lobbying, public sector and policy careers.
  • Graduates & YOUNG PROFESSIONALS struggling with their job hunting strategy: give them access to insider information on what success and failure means in the Brussels job market.
  • EXPERIENCED POLICY MAKERS & changemakers wondering how to reinvent their life path of serving, parenting and staying true to their values. 
  • ACTIVISTS, FEMINISTS, ADVOCATES frustrated about the vacuum in the conversation about the European leadership. This is an ultimate source of breakthrough ideas to help them show up with impact and inner alignment for a cause dear to their heart. 
  • EU & GLOBAL CITIZENS – to be inspired and expand their reflection about success, well being and service on a large scale.


Corinna, leader of the German Marshall Fund

A must read for anybody who wants a new look on what Europe can be and the diverse leaders moving it forward. Well done, a very rich book!

Anna, 28, from Helsinki, Finland

A true gem for a young professional like myself, just trying to figure out how to navigate the Brussels bubble. Not only does it give you confirmation that with an EU career you have chosen the coolest path out there – it also gives a refreshing cocktail of inspiration and concrete tips on how to tackle the challenges ahead.

Jaroslav, 23, from Slovakia

As a European studies student who has yet to visit Brussels, it’s the first time that I really feel on the pulse of what it’s like working in and around the EU institutions. It’s like a magnifying glass into the world of so-called ‘eurocrats’. A truly eye-opening reading reassuring that if your heart beats for changing the EU, you can still contribute with your vision, even if you don’t come from one of the most exclusive universities, silver-spoon families or large member states. They really are like us, not some pretentious weirdos speaking just legislative-gibberish with a funny accent.  

Hélène, 39, from France

Having already established a career within the EU-institutions I didn’t have too high expectations for what this book would give me. I couldn’t be more wrong. This is exactly the kind of conversation we need about the future of EU leadership if we want to jump-leap forward.

Patrick, 48, from Dublin

Been following Lucia and her podcast throughout the entire season – I love to see the passion, courage to bring the new and the light into the world of European changemakers. If only you had started earlier – maybe we wouldn’t be dealing with Brexit now? Loving the YouTube addition too – wish you all the best for Season 2!