[60] Eco business – burnout – big stage comeback – E. Lovi (1/2)

“When you’re unsure about yourself, the worst thing that you can do is to ask for advice outside of self – it will just emphasise your doubts.” How to get out of this trap when you’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled and miserable in a career that seems so cool for everybody but not for you?

Listen to this first part of interview with Estelle Lovi:

  • Why do we decide to bury the voice of our intuition, and instead end up in “cool” jobs that make us feel miserable?
  • How to distinguish critical opportunities that allow us to discover a long-forgotten passion?
  • Is it possible to speed up the process of re-discovering one’s truth?
  • How to avoid the risk of burnout even once it feels like we’re on a heart-fulfilling path? 

The second part will continue digging deeper into Estelle’s motherhood; and her art of public speaking, writing and singing. Check it out here for tips about unleashing your creativity and fighting stage fright! 

This interview is part of a longer series of conversation about redefining failure and success. Check them out:

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  • Interview with Sofia Beloka about becoming shameless in pursuing one’s dream, inspired by success strategies of Olympic athletes; about embracing the power of feminine leadership and healing after pregnancy miscarriage.
  • My speech about failure, inspired by my experience of running as a candidate in European Parliament elections.

ESTELLE LOVI is an inspiring French-African artist and business consultant. After earning a degree from HEC Paris – top European Business School – and advancing to Regional Director, she felt unfulfilled by what was supposed to be a « dream job » and a « dream life ». In 2017, Lovi decided to quit her successful corporate career and launch her business. A few months later, feeling confused and stuck, she took the biggest decision of her life: follow her intuition… unconditionally. The inner call was astonishing: take the stage. Little by little, Lovi discovered the Art of Heart-centered Creation that she now applies to artistic, business and life creation. Using her professional, personal and spiritual journey as a gateway to help others connect to their inner wisdom and achieve their highest dreams, she creates empowering, life-changing experiences combining art, pioneering teachings and consulting.

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