[61] Dezoom. On motherhood, career burnout & stage fright – E. Lovi (2/2)

“Dezoom. You might see that even this shameful experience was a gift at least for 1-2 people in the room.” 

The first part of the interview with Estelle Lovi was all about re-discovering the voice of our intuition, burnout recovery and finding the courage to embark on a new career path that makes our heart truly sing.  

This second part digs deeper into Estelle’s insights into

  • Motherhood, development opportunities offered by parenting and how to avoid projecting our expectations on kids 
  • Bringing courageous conversations into the corporate world that needs to embrace a new culture of leadership 
  • Tips for unleashing your creativity and fighting stage fright if you are scared of public speaking and blackout on stage. 

This interview is part of a longer series of conversation about redefining failure and success. Check them out:

  • Interview with Rose Bloomfield about discovering one’s life purpose, ethics of technology CEOs and delivering powerful TED speeches
  • Interview with Sofia Beloka about becoming shameless in pursuing one’s dream, inspired by success strategies of Olympic athletes; about embracing the power of feminine leadership and healing after pregnancy miscarriage.
  • My speech about failure, inspired by my experience of running as a candidate in European Parliament elections.

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