[59] Success factors pushing Jeff Bezos or any TED speaker through their own fire – R. Bloomfield (3/3)

“Why should I trust you that you won’t turn me into one of ‘those’ TED speakers?” What makes for a great TED talk, really? How to share about your moments of crash & burn?

In part 1, Rose shared about her own journey of discovering her purpose and translating it into a podcast on the intersection of community, technology and ancient wisdom. Watch part 1 here.

In part 2, we looked into the mystery of pursuing one’s life calling without a risk of burnout, overwhelm and cynicism. Watch part 2 here.

This part 3 is the cherry on top of our conversation about embracing failure and converting it not just into an elixir for one’s own transformation but also a light that empowers others:

  • What makes for a great TED talk? 
  • Should tech executives like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk be more open about ethics driving their decisions?
  • How to pioneer a new culture of dialogue if you are on the bottom of the chain? 

Our conversations about redefining success & failure will continue soon!

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