[45] Rock your voice for conf calls, remote work or home office – I. Moura (3/3)

Are you also worried that your impact is limited if speaking via zoom or skype calls? Voice is our only communication tool if we cannot experience each other face to face. Either because of lockdown or simply because we operate globally and collaborate remotely…As you’re listening to this series on hidden mysteries of vocal coaching, here’s a special episode recorded for you on importance of voice during covid-19 period. 

Technology connects us but increases the difficulty of getting our message across. 

  1. Does corona crisis generate higher demand for voice coaching?
  2. Main mistakes to avoid during your conference calls 
  3. Easy-to-do tricks to make sure you are better understood 

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  1. In the first one, we discussed what is vocal coaching, how it supports your leadership and examples of problems that this therapy can or cannot fix. 
  2. In the second one we discovered the most-frequent mistakes reducing our impact when speaking; and experimented with exercises that can improve the pitch, speed, body posture or articulation (stay tuned for that embarrassing yawn!!). 

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