[46] Strategies to grow your travel & tourism business after COVID crisis – N. Hall (1/3)

STRATEGIES TO GROW TRAVEL BUSINESS are hard to think of if the global travel is shut down. But there are champions leading the way with courage to experiment and test innovation in European tourism and hospitality industry. COVID-19 months led to chaos and bankruptcies but also opportunities to rethink the usual business model.  

Check out the first out of this new series of interviews focusing on the tourism sector in the EU during covid-19 and beyond. Our guest is Nicholas Hall, founder and CEO of the Digital Tourism Think Tank!

IN THIS EPISODE, we unveil:

1. The paralysis of travel sector and expectations for the post-summer season

2. Challenges of family-owned tourism businesses

3. Difficult choices between building profitable business and following your passion to build a lifestyle travel company 

4. Travellers’ safety concerns and how technology can respond to mass tourism and overcrowded sightseeing 

5. How Airbnb and others used the covid-19 lockdown to repurpose

6. Power of courage to experiment and fail, not just in good times

IN THE NEXT TWO EPISODES upcoming with Nick, we will dive deeper into
digital transformation opportunities offered by modern technologies; and
Nick’s personal story of building his career, looking at competitiveness of European businesses and opportunities to improve the support provided by the EU and national policy makers. So don’t forget to SUSBCRIBE to be notified about the future episodes!

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