[44] Vocal coaching tips & how you can master your voice – I. Moura (2/3)

Is your voice too weak or breaking? Have you been told you’re monotone, making your audience fall asleep? Do you sound like Kim Kardashian? Find out what’s the secret to Hollywood stars’ voices: 

  1. How you can train your throat muscles 
  2. Importance of the body position when speaking 
  3. A powerful yawning trick to do before you start presenting 
  4. And other secrets to impactful public speaking – ted talk or any business negotiation

CHECK OUT THE PREVIOUS EPISODE with Ines, which explains what is vocal coaching, why any leader should try it and examples of problems that this therapy can or cannot fix. 

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Lucia Klestincova, your host of Lights on Europe interviews Inês Moura who trains leaders, politicians and other professionals to use their voice in a professional context. She is a speech and language therapist, master in vocal coaching (Barcelona), certified coach, author of the book “The Secret Power of Voice” (for now only in Portuguese) and co-founder of the international certification “High-Performance Vocal Coaching” – the first one for use in a business environment. Inês believes everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard. Her purpose is to guide people to achieve their personal and professional goals by teaching them to use their voice with confidence and authenticity.

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