[43] Every leader & speaker must try vocal coaching magic – I. Moura (1/3)

Are you embarrassed by your high pitch, sweating or simply because your message doesn’t land with your audience? If you invest in public speaking skills and communication training, you clearly care about the impact you have with your audience. Time to discover what’s limiting your true voice. 

IN THIS EPISODE, we discuss and demystify:  

  1. Why every speaker should try vocal coaching
  2. The mismatch between your story and how your identity is actually communicated
  3. Sound of your perfect voice 
  4. If executives are ready to discover why they sweat when public speaking
  5. From breathing problems, through high pitch or voice identity of transgender people.

IN THE NEXT TWO EPISODES upcoming with Ines, we will go into examples of voice coaching exercises; and also tips & tricks for those of you spending hours on video-conferencing calls (during covid-19 lockdown and beyond, in ‘normal’ business time).

Lucia Klestincova interviews Inês Moura who trains leaders, politicians and other professionals to use their voice in a professional context. She is a speech and language therapist, master in vocal coaching (Barcelona), certified coach, author of the book “The Secret Power of Voice” (for now only in Portuguese) and co-founder of the international certification “High-Performance Vocal Coaching” – the first one for use in a business environment. Inês believes everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard. Her purpose is to guide people to achieve their personal and professional goals by teaching them to use their voice with confidence and authenticity.

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