[32] Isabella Lenarduzzi – Ecology, feminism and Europe are all based on the same principle

“Coaching women is useless if the leaders don’t get the business case behind diversity. Can’t we see that humanity and our planet need a radical change of leadership?” Isabella Lenarduzzi has been a social entrepreneur in employment & gender equality for 35 years. As a founder of JUMP and Ashoka fellow, she inspired thousands of women and business leaders to transform their approach to leadership, training and innovation strategies. 

In her interview with Lucia Klestincova, Isabella shares her experience of being a pioneer of the women empowerment and secrets to successful conversations about equality, but also disappointing experience of raising investment for her social impact company. She is shocking but disruptive and inspiring. Listen to see what needs to be done to move the women empowerment movement ahead and also what’s the common link between the climate emergency and the crisis of our society.

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