[31] Martin Hojsík – On Slovak elections, Greta and European parliament

After the victory of presidential and European elections, how can a party lose the parliamentary elections only by 926 votes? Will the values of a liberal voter and of the green movement be represented in Slovakia at all?

This podcast episode looks at the results of 2020 national elections in Slovakia. To surprise of many, we saw some unexpected results and many lessons learned for all those interested in political campaigning. Despite the polls, Slovakia’s incoming government coalition will not include the party that was on a steep rise to become a leader of a fundamental shift in Slovakia’s political leadership. 

Our guest Martin Hojsík shares his insights into what happened and also about his experience of one of the most active Slovak members of the European Parliament (representing Progressive Slovakia, member of ALDE/RENEW liberal group). In this interview with Lucia Klestincova, you will hear him share about his work on climate emergency and meeting with Greta Thunberg; but also about the campaign in Slovakia:  authenticity vs disinfo; touring the regions vs populist shows; diversity vs harassment of political candidates.

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