[33] Elizabeth Krahulecz – Victim’s testimonial 4 years after the terrorist attack. Never forget.

After she survived the bomb explosion during the terrorist attack at Brussels airport in 2016, it took Elizabeth Krahulecz almost a year to recover from the physical damage and get back to work. The emotional one is still there. She pushed through and became even more engaged in supporting victims of various traumas and women in having greater access to opportunities for career growth and self-expression. As a former diplomat and accomplished government and public affairs professional, she has first-hand experience with and an ambitious vision for transforming the way our businesses and so-called stakeholder relations are managed. 

In her interview with Lucia Klestincova, she shares more about her healing process, obstacles faced on her journey of a mom and associate partner at one of the biggest professional services in the world, Chair of the Diversity of Inclusion Task Force at AmchamEU. Listen to this beautiful sharing filled with resilience and vulnerability at the same time.

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