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Lucia is globally recognised as the voice of transformation of the EU via a new culture of feminine leadership. She is a European policy-maker, podcast host, founder of women networks and a coach of emerging leaders exploring inner work to leverage their outer impact. During seven years of career at the European Commission, one of the main institutions of the European Union, her responsibilities ranged from managing preparations of the businesses for Brexit, through digitisation of government procurement to rolling out gender equality. Her reputation of a creative intrapreneur passionate about world-class transformation gets her invited to shape projects for modernising corporate culture. 

She is convinced that the policy WHAT will not succeed unless we profoundly shift the HOW of policy design, talent management and communication. That is why every year of her career, Lucia takes on an experiment disrupting her own matrix and the boundaries of the service she works for. This includes running as a candidate in the 2019 European Parliament elections and launching a podcast Lights on Europe. Check out Lucia’s book on values guiding the careers of leaders in Brussels – to discover the ‘human story behind the story’ of the EU bubble.

As a certified life & career coach, Lucia empowers men and women on their journey of aligning their stand for public impact with their personal well-being needs. She is committed to bringing soul back to the public service and transforming it so that we serve the world while serving ourselves too.

Lucia specialises in ‘technology of transformation’ – innovation policies (having worked e.g. on policies for sharing economy in tourism, digital public procurement or data4policy) as well as personal development and education policies (focusing mainly on rethinking education systems to reflect labour market trends and individual’s needs for well-being).

She has degrees in international relations (University of Economics in Bratislava), public management and governance (London School of Economics) and IT management (Solvay business school). 

Born in Czechoslovakia and raised during post-communist transformation, she is particularly sensitive to values in politics, equal access to opportunities and attracting the best talent into the public service.

Suggested questions for interviews

  1. You say that the European Union needs to transform top-down with a “new culture” of leadership. What is it?
  2. You state that feminine values are part of it. One of your biggest passions is empowering women in unleashing their truly authentic voice. Are we not done with this race yet?
  3. What made you join the civil service? You used to have a very entrepreneurial career in digital innovation; Slovakia used to know you as a voice for education reform. And then you left the country.
  4. How can somebody entrepreneurial and creative like you flourish inside of a bureaucratic administration? 
  5. You’ve been quoted for supposedly turning the most boring job ever into the greatest blessing. You don’t honestly believe it, do you?
  6. Looking back at your experience of running in the last European elections, how do you think about it? How did it change you and your career?
  7. You launched a podcast Lights on Europe to demystify the humans of the so-called Brussels bubble and increase trust of general public into the EU. How is it going?
  8. Can you provide examples of the most interesting episodes that listeners can go look up on your website or YouTube?
  9. You’re known to talk about bringing the soul back to bureaucracy and coaching emerging leaders who dare to embark on this journey. What kind of men and women should reach out to you for support?
  10. It’s rare to meet such pioneers disrupting the public service. What is your message for those who are inspired by your example?
  11. Your drive is contagious. Where does this unstoppable energy come from?

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