My bio for your intro

Lucia is globally recognised as the voice of transformation via a new culture of feminine leadership. She is a European policy strategist, keynote speaker, facilitator and and a coach specialised in feminine leadership and burnout prevention. During a decade of EU-level policy-making career, she worked on Brexit, e-government or mainstreaming of gender equality. Today she stands for empowering change agents in redesigning their life and careers on their own terms, so that they do not have to compromise on their well-being while creating their world-class impact. 

Lucia knows that the WHAT of policy or activism will not succeed unless we shift HOW we design the initiatives and treat, support and reward the change makers behind them. She loves walking her talk but leading her own soulful expression projects. This included running as a candidate in the 2019 European Parliament elections or launching her podcast Lights on Europe. Check out her book on values guiding the careers of leaders in Brussels – to discover the human story behind the story of the EU bubble.

As a certified life & career coach, Lucia empowers change agents on their journey of aligning their stand for public impact with their personal well-being needs. She is committed to bringing soul back to the public service and transforming it so that we serve the world while serving ourselves too.

Lucia is a graduate of international relations (University of Economics in Bratislava), public management and governance (London School of Economics), IT management (Solvay business school) and executive and life coaching (Kingstown College).

Suggested questions for interviews

  1. You are a voice advancing a “new culture” of leadership. What is it?
  2. Your top passion is empowering women in unleashing their authentic voice. Why does it matter and what is your recipe?
  3. How does civil service attract creators and activists like you? What is the #1 advice you give to young professionals when you mentor them?
  4. Looking back at your experience of running in the last European elections, how do you think about it? How did it change you and your career?
  5. You launched a podcast Lights on Europe to demystify the humans of the so-called Brussels bubble. Which one is your most shocking highlight?
  6. You talk about bringing the soul back to bureaucracy and coach leaders who embark on this journey. What kind of men and women should reach out for support?
  7. How is burnout part of your and your clients’ story?

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