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    I was stuck, cynical and burned out. The recipe that set me free is now available so you feel lighter on your hero's journey too.

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    You can meet me at panels about new culture of leadership, academies for female leaders, or events for coaches and well-being experts.

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    What if your life could really feel like a FULL BODY F*** YES?

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    This is how I shed light on the souls co-creating the societal transformation in EU and beyond. Tune in for breakthrough insights and actionable inspiration.

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Well-being coach

My journey of becoming is what I'm often told inspires others when they wonder how to step out of their energy-draining rat race. It features careers in tech, Brexit negotiations, politics, burnout... Lessons that I turned into a recipe I am now sharing with others who are committed to rewrite their future and to live a life of fulfilment and flow.

Voice of the feminine

I empower women to master their well-being and become free to live on their terms - with their most authentic expression and impact. Do you also stand for feminine leadership but feel stuck wondering where to start? Let me support your cause as a coach, keynote speaker or workshop host.

Become one of the Lights on Europe

Join the community of catalysts who also stand to shine more Lights on Europe - via feminine leadership and workplace culture that honours well-being and authentic self-expression. Sign up to receive wisdom, updates about my creations and pre-launch deals.

Hi there! I am Lucia and I am the voice of femininity in Europe

I help conscious teams convert feminine energy into flow & fulfillment.

Think of a random workplace - is the vibe kind and all-embracing like at home, or does it feel like a soul-sucking rat race in an ego-tripping golden cage? Like everywhere in life, there's a zig-zag journey from one to the other. I love being the guide of those exploring it with courage and grace.

Book on a new culture of leadership

Read the best of my interviews from the Brussels bubble about the values guiding careers of leaders who shine Lights on Europe.


Career transition can feel like crossing a terrifying valley or like a joyful dance in the wonderland of neverending possibilities.

It only depends on who you dance with, to balance focus, wisdom and reaching for your wildest dreams.

Do you want to make a quantum leap towards greater impact and self-expression?



Coaching. Mentoring. Public speaking.
Sacred water. Well-being. Burnout recovery.
Femininity. Sisterhood. New culture of leadership.

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