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    Intimate space for leaders ready to uplevel their impact with a new sense of feminine power and flow. Forget superficial networking and trainings you never act on. Adopt the strategies that empowered me to rewrite my future.

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    Claim the happiness, results and promotions you've been dreaming of, while feeling energised and inspired beyond belief. Sure, you can manage this leap on your own but why struggle? Accelerate your sprint out of stuckness to clarity and excitement.

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  • Looking for a KEYNOTE that's visionary, inspiring and relatable at once?

    My life's story and stand for societal transformation enabled by a new culture of leadership creates breakthroughs - at private workshops or large scale events for changemakers, academies for young professionals and female leaders.

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    As a co-president of Volt Slovakia, I bring a new culture of leadership into EU's politics working with parties and individual candidates.

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  • FIRST EVER BOOK on values guiding careers of leaders in Brussels

    If you love enabling purpose-driven change, this is a must read: best of the career wisdom shared by the European changemakers in my Lights on Europe podcast interviews.

  • Seeking the right CAREER MENTOR to magnify your impact?

    I catalyse careers of global changemakers, policy experts, founders of social impact projects and also newborn parents figuring out their recipe for success. It only takes one call to see if we fit and channel your first breakthrough results.

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Productivity & careers coach

Big changes in life demand big leaps into the unknown. Sure, you can manage it on your own, but why struggle when you can enlist a coach to accelerate your breakthroughs? Before upgrading your outer leadership, let's explore how to get you out of feeling drained and stuck to living a fully aligned and energised life on your own terms.

Voice of the feminine

I empower leaders on their path of self-mastery to live and lead with authenticity and impact. Especially if the old paradigm keeps them boxed into a role that's nothing but a waste of their unique gifts. Do you also feel the urge to rebalance your feminine and masculine superpowers but wonder where to start? Let me support your cause as a coach, mentor, speaker and facilitator.

Welcome to this space for transformation of humanity through aligned power of evolving changemakers.

My mission is to catalyse impact through flow and feminine leadership.

How could policies work if they are designed by leaders who feel burned out, unseen and frustrated? How could businesses reach their mission if the workplace is everything but inclusive and honouring healthy conflict? Soul-sucking rat race is the new taboo of our times. I am here to catalyse transformation of changemakers and organisations ready to embrace a new possibility with courage and grace.

Welcome to the new world of work, where your days are flowing and fulfilling. Whether you are an individual who always thought, "there's got to be a more fulfilling way to work," or a leader who knows there's another level of success her team can unlock, it is clear. The old way of working isn't going to get you there.


Career transition can feel like crossing a terrifying valley or like a joyful dance in the wonderland of neverending possibilities.

It only depends on who you dance with, to balance focus, wisdom and reaching for your wildest dreams.

Do you want to make a quantum leap towards greater impact and self-expression?

Book on a new culture of leadership

Read the best of my interviews from the Brussels bubble about the values guiding careers of leaders who shine Lights on Europe.


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