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    I was stuck, cynical and burned out. The recipe that set me free is now available so you feel lighter on your hero's journey too.

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    If you care about EU and purpose-driven leadership, this is a must read!

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    This is how I shed light on the souls co-creating the societal transformation in EU and beyond. Tune in for breakthrough insights and actionable inspiration.

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  • Wondering how MY STORY & IMPACT evolved?

    It features ballet and icecream, activism and politics, EU bureaucracy and spirituality, burnout and parenting.

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As a European official, I am honoured to co-create EU that works for all. My journey spans from synchronised swimming to selling ice cream, from IT business to being a Brexit coordinator. Since I ran in the European elections, you know me as a eurocrat and a podcast host.


As a stand for feminine leadership in Europe, I connect and empower women to find their voice and fully express their gifts. Are you stuck and wondering where to start to unleash your inner beauty? I’m here as a founder of several women circle, podcast host and public speaker.

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Join our community wishing to shed more Lights on Europe and co-shape the movement with us. You will receive regular updates about Lights on Europe podcast - full of interviews with inspiring change makers working in and around the EU’s headquarters in Brussels.

Hi there! I am Lucia and I am the voice of femininity in Europe

I am a European official, a stand for feminine leadership and the Lights on Europe podcast host

Does it seem unorthodox and out of the box? Or rather, is that the new normal of multitude of identities, which come together as petals of one flower? Read on to see how mine were born, discovered and fine-tuned.

Book on values & EU leadership

The best of interviews from the Brussels bubble about the values guiding careers of leaders who shine Lights on Europe


Career transition can feel like crossing a terrifying valley or like a joyful dance in the wonderland of neverending possibilities.

It only depends on who you dance with, to balance focus, wisdom and reaching for your wildest dreams.

Do you want to make a quantum leap towards greater impact and self-expression?



If this resonates to co-create joint projects,
to present your transformation work on the Lights on Europe podcast or
simply to inspire each other for further growth...

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