I think you just liberated me from THE block that made me burn out again. Sabotaging my own happiness just to avoid conflict and please everybody. Brainwashed into this absurd idea of success that’s not even mine. I wish I had started doing this work years ago.

my coachee Urszula after session 3 of the 12-week Burnout Heroes coaching experience

Why spend another day working in ways that make you frustrated & exhausted without delivering the results you desire?

  • If money was no object, would you feel more excited and fulfilled somewhere else? How often are you asking yourself if your career ladder is against the ‘right’ wall?
  • When did Thanks-God-It’s-Friday became normal? And what about the anxiety in the stomach on Sunday afternoons?
  • If 43% of women are burned out, is it the one next to your right, or to your left? Or is it you? When is the last time you felt your energy was at a level 10?
  • What is the profit & impact lost because most of the workforce feels like their soul is slowly dying at work? Can humanity afford this?

Close your eyes and feel the answers. Can you feel your body’s wisdom at all? Deep down you know if it’s time to act or if you are willing to continue like this. The fact that you are here is the answer.

Big challenges in life demand leaps into the unknown. Sure, you can manage on your own, but why struggle when you can enlist a coach to accelerate your life with a proven model of easeful success?

People who don’t do this end up chronicly struggling with stress & work life balance. Personal misunderstandings & arguments rise. Radio silence or blaming when things go wrong increases. This can all be an opportunity to stop blaming it on the external context and upgrade your energy, performance & team’s success.

End burnout with a unique experience to claim the happiness & impact you’ve been dreaming of, while feeling energised & inspired beyond belief.

With my coaching partners Veronika & Greg we created a carefully orchestrated journey of self-discovery and self-mastery that activates mind, body and spirit. The impact is already visible within first weeks. You will experience a boost of energy thanks to experimentation and fun that will stay with you long after the program.

Let me guide you in (re)discovering your happiest, wealthiest and healthiest self.

  • Feel radically self-sufficient, empowered to name issues constructively before they snowball and consume unnecessary energy,
  • Exceed your and your partners’ expectations, thanks to an increased capacity to handle pressure and step up to new challenges,
  • Fall in love with work again, able to communicate and collaborate gracefully, even if emotions are high or mistakes occur,
  • Perform at your highest potential, by allocating energy effectively and healthy habits to maximise your performance and happiness,
  • Create your dream life, not the one where it’s just about fitting it, paying bills and feeling ok-ish.

Reach out to see how this bespoke, holistic fun approach can help you address the root cause of burnout and create a lasting impact at the individual and team level.

Ula, international negotiator, Brussels

It takes some time to realise that these are our own patterns that lead us to burnout and that we have power to change them before it’s too late. The sessions feel like having a professional guide through a very complex and difficult inner labyrinth, in a very powerful way but without judgment. If only I had started earlier. It is such a gift to be guided to switch off my overcontrolling brain and discover this new state, which feels calm and energised at once.

Andrew, mindfulness trainer, South Africa

I felt really well held through that process. You have a nice presence and there was nice support & strength in that. I was sitting with a lot of stuff and I really feel I am going to bed lighter.