[56] Miscarriage as a reason for trauma or personal growth – S. Beloka (3/3)

If you had a miscarriage and felt like it was your fault… If you are her partner and feel overlooked…. If you are their friend and don’t know how to react… If you are passionate about personal development and performance hacking and wonder how could anybody think of an incomplete pregnancy as an opportunity for growth….

Watch this last part of the Shameless series and the beautiful sharing of Sofia about her experience of miscarriage and healing that followed. How come the notion of failure is even part of this conversation if during pregnancy so little is within the parents’ control? Why did Sofia decide to share more on social media not just about the news, but also about the awkward reactions received from her network?

This episode unravels valuable advice about how to react and be supportive in such situations:

  • techniques to heal after a miscarriage without a trauma and victimising;
  • special insights into the process that the woman’s partner goes through; and if there’s a difference in the feminine and masculine way of recovering after an incomplete miscarriage;
  • how it is related to hacking performance, personal growth and embracing vulnerability in life’s most challenging circumstances.

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  2. PART 2 here: how to embrace fear of failure as leaders in business but also in intimate relationships, balancing between our masculine and feminine energy.

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