[55] Being feminine AND a top performer? – S. Beloka (2/3)

“To experience success and overcome failure we need to play the masculine game but also enable the feminine game to support our leadership. Nothing is right or wrong. Both feminine and masculine styles of leadership coexist, like in an intimate relationship.”

In the second part of the Shameless series we unravel the secrets for boosting our everyday performance as business and community leaders. We reflect on the notion of success and failure in contexts that are way more complicated and not entirely linear as the world of sports, which we explored in part 1 of this series. Sofia gives us her insights in transforming fear into strength; tips on how to achieve AND maintain top performance; and how to make our goals come true, building on the bulletproof strategies applied by top athletes she supports for Olympic games.

You will find out how to:

  • Implement elite athletes’ strategies in our everyday lives;
  • Fuel our sense of service without a risk of burning out;
  • Master the gentle dance between masculine and feminine energy: by switching from being a CEO to a sexi goddess in a heartbeat. Especially in times of lockdown!

As this is part 2 of a 3-part series:

  • here is the preceding part 1 on the most hidden secrets that get silver medalist achieve a golden performance in Olympic games
  • here is the following part 3 on Sofia’s experience of miscarriage – her healing and growing despite some shocking reactions of her environment to what many judged as a ‘failure’ to complete her pregnancy.  

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