[17] Vera Pinto Gomes – A space policy woman sharing her story of a chronic disease and activism for patients’ rights

Vera Pinto Gomes is one of the experts working on the EU’s space program Galileo but also an activist for patients’ healthcare. What do space shuttles have in common with diapers? In this interview with Lucia Klestincova, she busts a whole range of myths such as space industry being open exclusively for male engineers, or chronic diseases being an obstacle to living an energised and fulfilled life without barriers to exciting experiences. Listen to her as a unique example of a woman that is determined to follow her passion to reach for the stars and at the same time transform the life of chronically ill individuals in Portugal at the same time. We were all brought to tears seeing the standing ovation she received during her TED talk. Let us know what you think about her journey of courage and vulnerability.

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