[52] M. Vestager on politics, love & burnout (2/3)

“You don’t have to learn from your biggest critics, knowing they want to hurt you… and you don’t have to decide immediately either.” She’s the ultimate role model but also a provocateur for many pseudo-leaders triggered by her commitment, authenticity and laser focus.

Check out this second episode of an exclusive series of interviews with one of the most powerful women leading the European Union. You will find out about:

  • Discovering your inner voice and trusting your gut when taking some of the most costly decisions on the planet
  • Staying authentic even if political enemies want to destroy or at least hurt you with their criticism
  • Power of the team, trusting your intuition and collective intelligence when taking executive decisions
  • Work-life balance, women having it all, parenting challenges
  • Her well-being practices and advice to avoid burnout.

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Last but not least, for more info about the Vice-President Vestager’s portfolio, go to the European Commission.

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