[15] Agnès Hubert – From production madness to compassionate reproduction: a feminist senior policy maker on gender equality

Agnès Hubert built her entire career on fighting discrimination and promoting gender equality  – as a senior advisor to the European Commission Presidents, a founder of the first European feminist think-tank in Brussels, as a professor and a recognised author on EU gender equality policy. Throughout her 30 years lasting career of a senior civil servant at the European Commission, she focused mainly on development, social innovation, gender and social policies. In her interview with Lucia Klestincova for Lights on Europe, she shares her experience of past decades of feminist claims and achievements within European policies and what kind of work is still ahead of us. She’s still active in shaping the EU’s gender policies as a founder of the GENDER FIVE PLUS think tank and as a professor of gender policies at the College of Europe in Bruges and at Science-Po in Paris. How does she see the future of gender activism? Where is the link between the attacks on gender studies at university and the rise of populism? Agnes calls on her listeners to recognise that gender equality is THE topic of the next decade. It will serve all of us in pushing humanity away from the production madness that brought us where we are, towards greater compassion and reproduction of our businesses, planet and families.

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