[7] Giulio Venneri – EU Policy work rocks!

Giulio Venneri has multiple voices. Living in Brussels for ten years, as an official at the European Commission he is working on enlargement countries, following rule of law reforms that will make these countries safer and get closer to the EU. Songwriter and musician in his free time, he is guitarist and composer in the alternative rock band DrØnes ’72, playing gigs in Brussels and around Europe. Also active in academia, he lectures in several European universities, inspiring students from all around the world not just with his insider knowledge of EU policy making but also with vocational training and career advice.

Ever wondered how you can become like a movie director, like “Steven Spielberg”, and work to the development of European Union policies? Then listen to this edition of “Lights on Europe”. Listen to Lucia Kleštincová inquiring how Giulio’s identity of a policy maker and an artist flow into one, what he thinks about the EU’s motto of “United in diversity” and what is the key to unleashing ones’ creativity.

Maybe you’ll also manage to type your next lyrics and melody creation next time you’re walking home, tuned into your latest experience?

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