[49] Celebrating BEST OF Lights on Europe Season 1!

What a ride!! Are you sure you haven’t missed any of the best moments of Lights on Europe? Join me in celebrating Season 1 of this the world’s only podcast shining light on the human story behind the story of Brussels, packed with thought-provoking interviews on the future of EU’s leadership!

In this short sharing from our Lights on Europe summer party, I shower you with some of my top themes explored in season 2019/2020, such as creation of: 1. Strong MIND – after a terrorist attack explosion, burnout or Brexit depression; 2. Resilient BODY – for a marathon in desert, or for handling an invisible disability; and 3. Aligned SOUL – to re-ignite passion for EU policy making, create your own job inside of a bureaucracy and defending the most fundamental EU values like equality or religious freedom.

Our audience also report they’ve picked on very valuable EU career skills useful for: 4. Involvement in national or European POLITICS; 5. Getting a JOB in the EU bubble; 6. WOMEN empowerment – countering sexism at workplace and dealing with domestic violence during COVID-19 lockdown; 7. DIGITAL business management, especially in sector of travel and tourism; 8. Public speaking and mastering your VOICE.

Are you still breathing?? Stay tuned for amazing surprises awaiting you for season 2!

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