[40] Rise of domestic violence during COVID-19 lockdown – B. Hertford (2/4)

What are the triggers? How to get out when normal safety planning is impossible? Here’s the second interview out of a series of expert conversations about gender-based violence in times of corona pandemic. 

In this episode, we discuss and demystify:  

  1. Concrete examples of what’s happening behind the closed doors
  2. Safety planning strategies
  3. Public policy innovation when you can’t fully rely on the justice or health care system
  4. Social support you can count on even during the pandemics crisis
  5. How can citizens, neighbours, family and friends help victims and survivors of domestic violence 

Check out also the previous episode with Brianna – we discuss more broadly what is sexual and intimate-partner violence. You’ll hear an intro into identifying the control and power dynamics in a toxic relationship, basic concepts of safety planning and trauma healing. We also wonder whether America and Europe differ in how they stigmatise victims of rape.

Once done, listen also to a deeper dive in another episode with Brianna: discussing potential failure of institutions to protect the victims during COVID-19 lockdown.

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