[35] Alberto Alemanno – You can lobby for change

“Murder of Jan Kuciak is a tragedy but it also prompted an unprecedented awareness in a generation that has taken the European integration for granted. We need to nurture this civic awakening even further.” This is not just a story of Slovakia. People all around Europe embrace a greater responsibility for holding their politicians accountable if trust and respect for human dignity are lost. 

Alberto Alemanno and his team at The Good Lobby empower citizens to speak up and inform policy decisions at all levels. Listen to his interview with Lucia Klestincova to hear the story of how he decided to disrupt the traditional advocacy industry, demystify the lobbying process and support citizens with tools needed to embrace their democratic power. He also shares his views on where is the dividing line between the neutrality of a public servant and their right for civic activism; and how to awaken activism among citizens disillusioned with the current state of democracy.

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