[25] Dorothy Dalton – Sexism: the epidemic hidden in plain sight. Are you a target?


94% of women experience sexism yet only 25% report even the most serious incidents. Speak up if you don’t know a woman who experienced sexism. Speak up if you know a woman who’s confident dealing with it on spot. Speak up if you are sure that your company is immune to these kinds of toxic behaviors.

If you’re still silent, listen to the next episode of Lights on Europe. Lucia Klestincova interviews Dorothy Dalton, CEO of 3Plus International, HR consultant, and career coach, to learn how to handle the sexism epidemic in our society. How does sexism differ from harassment? What is ‘normal’ in multicultural workplaces? How to recognise, stop and deal with it if you are the target, or if you see it happening to someone else? How can men and women in the workplace support each other in the face of everyday sexism? Listen and learn the one single phrase, which will empower you to take your authority back.

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