My vision – Lucia Kleštincová

A vision of the Europe I stand for

A European Union that is built on unity

I stand for citizens committed to continue to engage for the unity of the EU. Unity does not mean only membership in the EU. It also means a sense of unity in the values and principles that underpin the EU. The biggest challenge ahead is to ensure that we can rekindle the sense of unity of values and principles commonly shared in the run-up to, and after recent enlargements.

The EU, through its institutions, including the European Parliament, needs to engage and invest more in central European Member States. It needs to better understand the issues and concerns of their citizens. As a member of the European Parliament, I will work to build and strengthen this bridge. I will engage in an ongoing conversation to ensure that our common values are duly reflected in the European process.

A European Union that is resilient

The EU institutions, including the European Parliament, have acted to protect citizens from the effects of global economic shocks. The migration crisis has slowly shifted into a political crisis where the values of responsibility, solidarity and compassion are being called into question. Our citizens need to be assured that we have resilient institutions capable of reacting early, quickly and decisively to the emerging issues.

One such key area that will impact all of us is the big data revolution and artificial intelligence. As a member of the European Parliament, I will work to ensure that our citizens and Member States are well equipped to reap the benefits of such a transformation. By advancing policies focused on upskilling and vocational preparation, I will help pave the way for high-value high-skill jobs creation.

A European Union that is assertive

We are stronger when we stand together.  Standing together also means being assertive in the values and principles that we hold dear.  In an increasingly unstable global context, the EU needs to speak up to protect what it stands for.  It needs to stand up for what it believes. The silence that preceded the Brexit campaign allowed the communication space to be filled by fake news and misinformation.  This can also happen in the East.

The only remedy is to be stronger together. Whether in terms of defending a strong free trade system or of protecting our unique free-market social model, we need to be assertive.  Whether in terms of preparing our youth with the right skill set for the future or in assuring we remain strong in our competitive edge as a Union, we need to be assertive. As a member of the European Parliament, I will work to ensure an assertive and open Union ready to take on the challenges of the future.

A European Union that is modern, inclusive and values-driven

Public administration in the EU must be driven by these qualities to provide its citizens with the best possible solutions to the societal and economic challenges. This requires transformation of the leadership culture towards a combination of excellence, dialogue and trust. Europe’s talent must be empowered in their access to opportunities and being the best possible contribution to building a progressive, values-based Europe.

Our uniqueness requires also state-of-the-art governance structures. It is only through a long-term vision and a world-class education system, that we can become true leaders and shapers of our future. As a Member of the European Parliament, I will push for such transformation of the European institutions, that will maximise the use of talent, big data and advanced technologies for the policy making process. Only with a profoundly transformed bureaucracy can we best serve our society and create conditions for small and innovative businesses to thrive in a highly competitive market.

Get involved

Do you resonate with my vision of jointly co-shaping a Europe that works for all? Support me in the endeavour to bring it into the debate about Europe.

During the last years I was actively involved in various activities with an objective to reestablish the connection between Slovakia and Europe. Now it is time to step up the game. I want to become more visible and strategic voice of Slovakia in Europe. Therefore I decided to run in the 2019 European election. You are welcomed to support me during the preparations of my campaign.


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