Lucia Kleštincová – Voice for transforming Europe with new values-based leadership

My story


Born behind the Iron Curtain in the socialist Czechoslovakia, I grew up believing that commitment to hard work and values can break through all walls. After years of work on Slovak e-government and education reform, I made it to the European institutions where I work on international aspects of our single market and industry policies. When out of office, I am devoted to boosting equal access to opportunities and making public sector careers more attractive.

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My European vision


For me, the EU is the best integration project worth our admiration and engagement. Together, we can create a community led by the vision of our leaders, respected for their values, wisdom and trustworthiness. I stand for dramatically rethinking our education systems and administrative culture around excellence, integrity and intellectual freedom.

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My causes


My greatest passion is creating conditions for rise of the values-based leadership. This must be coupled with transformation of public sector via smarter use of technology, talent management and much more: Future-proofing our education systems. Competitiveness of businesses in the EU’s single market. Public procurement. Gender equality and feminine values in politics.

I want to run.

Decisions about Europe must be taken by leaders who wish to see it strong and united.  It is high time to step up our own responsibility for the EU that we build for ourselves and our children. 


Get involved

Do you resonate with my vision of jointly co-shaping a Europe that works for all? Support me in the endeavour to bring it into the debate about Europe.

During the last years I was actively involved in various activities with an objective to reestablish the connection between Slovakia and Europe. Now it is time to step up the game. I want to become more visible and strategic voice of Slovakia in Europe. Therefore I decided to run in the 2019 European election. You are welcomed to support me during the preparations of my campaign.


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