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Confession of an edutainment addict

03.10.2018 • 3 min readEducation

Will inspiring entertainment ever make it to our education system? Or will it continue its freefall for the next decades, embedded in the model introduced too long ago by Maria Theresa for the needs of industrial factories?

Will inspiring entertainment ever make it to our education system? Or will it continue its freefall for the next decades, embedded in the model introduced too long ago by Maria Theresa for the needs of industrial factories?

I am a product of post-communist education system. It taught me discipline, respect for authorities, and resilience in meddling through an overload of facts to be memorised without any obvious linkages and relevance for ordinary life. And as you can already tell, it also taught me how to look for positive things in everything that life brings along 🙂

It is absolutely clear that I would not be where I am today, had I relied only on state-provided education. Or better said, if my parents did that. Every day I am grateful that the famous communist mantra study-study-study was their main investment priority, as long as the public servant salaries permitted them. Investment into languages. Into sports. Into educational summer camps. Into study trips abroad.

I would not be where I am today if I did not buy a new training immediately once done with the previous one. It’s a same drug like when you keep going to a gym or your summer house.

Edutainment is my wellness. It’s an entertainment industry brought into the traditionally serious world of adult education. It stands for personal development adventures experienced with people who are equally addicted and ready to consume them anywhere in the world. Imagine three to seven days spent with hundreds of people you have never met, but deep down you are so similar. You invest into your growth instead of luxury holidays, shoes or gadgets. You crave to be pushed outside of your comfort zone not only when exploring the world but also when reconnecting with yourself. Because you do not look for teachers preachers but for teachers leaders. Such leaders who are on a life mission to educate the best possible citizens of the society of our future.

You wouldn’t have thought about it in your traditional public school and it wouldn’t even be possible. Our system still values facts more than values, self-knowledge and ability to operate effectively in an unpredictable globalized world. Notwithstanding that you can easily google facts, but it is much harder to master your critical thinking and relationships built on a non-violent communication.

So I gave myself another dose last week: 70 hours of immersive learning during four days of discussions with over four hundred people from all over the world. All of them designing their future education and coaching programs to share their knowledge further. Interactive and functional at the same time. In a way that pulls you into the game without killing your creativity. It recharges your energy despite sleep deprivation. It provokes you to ponder over the patterns of your communication. All of this without dying of back pain or boredom listening to the lecturer’s lullabies.

If you are also an edutainment junkie, you know what it feels like to share that feeling of liberation. You also know the frustration felt when you observe the gap growing between the quality of Slovak education system and that of other countries. It feels like we are the last ones to get it. That unless education becomes a top priority, the mankind is doomed to go down a route that no one desires except for a few pseudo-leader madmen.

If we do not catch up with trends driving global education, Slovakia will never be a decent and competitive country. There will be no talent for innovation in our economy. It will not have voters capable of a critical debate about immigration. It will not have kids ready to google the real truth and to create their job in the robot era. It will not have husbands and wives capable of peaceful communication and harmonious relationships.

Slovakia will only have citizens driven by the paranoia of migrants or the price of their mortgage in hands of foreign banks. Instead, they should rather panic from the crisis of education and communication, which is already a reality.

Each of us should think about how we can contribute daily to spreading of meaningful education around us. How thanks to a combination of excellence and playfulness we can turn personal development into the number 1 priority in Slovakia.

The content of this website does not reflect the official opinion of the European Union. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in the therein lies entirely with Lucia Klestincova.


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